Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Cooking for Quan Yin

Our girl, Quan Yin Kali Wu has not been doing well digesting her food since the brutal heat wave a few weeks ago. We were feeding her a combination of Taste of the Wild wet & dry food with green beans, carrots and sometimes white basmati rice. She is allergic to chicken so we used the fish based foods.

After the whole drama with the FDA blasting most of the better pet foods around, we decided to start cooking for her instead. I use to cook for my German Shepherd Merlin in his later years and he loved it.

We bought a rice cooker and have been cooking organic white basmati rice. (White rice is better for dogs with loose stools.) We add about a half of cup of the cooked rice to a combo of cooked ground turkey with carrots, celery and parsley..... and she LOVES it. No loose stools or diarrhea since the change. 

Easy peasy and it is probably more cost effective in the long run. In between meals she gets a few gluten free treats and a big organic carrot.

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