Friday, May 31, 2019

Stop Horsing Around! Try Acupuncture

I love playing with the app My Talking Pet and making fun infomercials on animal acupuncture. 

Many people ask me if i work on horses. I do not - as I have not been around many in my life and do not speak equine properly. I love horses and think they are majestic beings. However my forte is dogs and cats. 

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Making animal acupuncture house-calls in Salem MA, Peabody MA and Beverly MA or schedule a session at Our Family Veterinary Services in Peabody MA.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Holistic Dog On Line Class

The Holistic Dog On Line Class

Taught by licensed acupuncturist, herbalist & author Jeanie Mossa MS, L.Ac. owner of Four Paws Acupuncture on the North Shore of MA. 

Learn how holistic therapies and alternative medicine can help ease dog pain, stress, anxiety and common ailments such as K9 allergies, intestinal upsets, arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia and more. 
This course will cover several different modalities of natural solutions to help you make the best decision on which is best for your dog. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:
  • Veterinary Acupuncture
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Acupressure
  • Laser Therapy
  • Animal Reiki
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • K9 Nutrition with Recipes
  • Aromatherapy
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Creating a happy healthy home for you and your pets
  • Basic K9 anatomy.
  • Western medication used for common K9 ailments and their side effects.
This class is for dog owners, dog walkers, dog trainers, vet techs and those who work with dogs who want to learn more about holistic veterinary medicine. 

Please note: several therapies discussed such as acupuncture and chiropractic medicine must be performed by a licensed practitioner. 

In this class you will not learn how to do acupuncture or how to give your dog a chiropractic adjustment. However, I will give you information on how to find a licensed practitioner. 

Learn more or visit the class on Udemy:

Animal Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine House-calls on the North Shore of MA. Accepting new dog and cat patients at Our Family Veterinary Services in Peabody MA.
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Monday, May 27, 2019

Happy Memorial Day!

Our Four Paws Acupuncture Memorial Day e-letter

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope everyone is having a lovely May. Before heading off to the beach or a BBQ on Monday, please take a moment on Memorial Day to give thanks to all those humans and animals who have passed on in wars and while doing heroic deeds. 

Our rescue pup, Quan Yin Kali Wu aka Wu, wanted to remind everyone that thunderstorm season has arrived. Below are our favorite things to keep our dear girl calm during the booms. All can be found online or in most pet stores. 

One of the most FAQ about animal acupuncture I get asked is how often should my dog or cat get treatments?

Depending on how acute or chronic its condition will determine how many treatments it takes to see positive results.

Acupuncture is not a one time miracle fix for people or animals. Healing any condition takes time and a combination of several therapies. The patient may feel relief after the first session, in some cases it may experience some pain which will subside in a day. This is because acupuncture helps energy aka chi or qi to move. When there is stuck energy, there is pain.

It is recommend that the patient get treatments at least four weeks in a row for the maximum benefit. Usually by the third session you will notice a major improvement in yourself, your dog or cat.

Just like exercise, it is a cumulative process for the body to adjust and start to mend. It is like joining a gym, going once or twice and expecting to wake up thin and fit. 

Treating animals has made me think outside the box. My sessions includes more than acupuncture. I like to combine traditional Chinese Medicine, laser therapy, acupressure with herbal liniments and sometimes Reiki depending on the patient's needs.

More info:

All owners receive an info packet with samples and recommended supplements, dietary changes or remedies and where to buy them. They also are shown acupressure points to massage in between sessions. I find that the dog or cat will recover much faster when their guardians follow this advice. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Please note that Four Paws Acupuncture will be closed Saturday 5/25/19 through 5/27/19 for Memorial Day weekend.

Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday weekend.

jeanie mossa MS., L.Ac.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Happy Towel Day!

Don't Panic! It's Towel Day and we are celebrating the life of the late great author Douglas Adams today. 

On this day, fans of Douglas Adams carry a towel and their copy of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy around with them.

One of the nice things about living in Salem MA is that it is OK to be a tad wonky!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Acupuncture helps me chase the cats!

Click on the image above to hear how acupuncture helped Joey start chasing the cats again!

If your dog is experiencing pain or discomfort, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help! Using a combination of acupuncture, laser therapy, herbal & homeopathic remedies, acupressure, tui na and sometimes Reiki to help ease your dog's pain and symptoms. 

Four Paws Acupuncture is located on the North Shore of MA. Making house-calls in Salem MA, Peabody MA and Beverly MA. Jeanie Mossa MS, L.Ac. licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and author is now accepting new dog and cat patients at Our Family Veterinary Services in Peabody MA.

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Happy National Dog Rescue Day!

Happy National Dog Rescue Day!

Thank you Quan Yin Kali Wu for rescuing us 10 years ago! 

Traditional Chinese Medicine is not Western Medicine!

One of the most difficult things I find when treating a dog is trying to convey to the owner and sometimes veterinarians that where I place the acupuncture needles is based on a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnosis and not a western one.

When treating a dog it is important to know the western diagnosis. Does the dog have hip dysplasia, arthritis, etc? Where is the pain? What medication is it on and any other symptoms that can help me determine what is the best treatment for the dog.

Before I even schedule a new patient, I have the owner fill out a health history form and do a phone consultation by phone to get as much information as possible. And all new patients must have a signed consent from their veterinarian before I can treat them.

The first session I ask a variety of questions to help me determine from a TCM perspective what the diagnosis is. We think in terms of energy. Is the dog hot or cold? Yin or Yang? Deficient or excess? Stagnation? Damp? Fearful? Worry? Excess smells? Oozing? We speak in a different language. Is the dog liver qi stagnant? Does he have speen qi deficiency/ Bi syndrome? Kidney Yin or Yang xu? Xue xu? None of this makes sense to anyone who has not gone to acupuncture school and that is OK. (I am pretty sure the dog understands it all!)

I also palpate the dog to feel for points that are deficient or excess, look at its tongue, watch its behavior and other things that are not part of a regular vet visit. Then I decide what points to needle. Many owners will expect me to needle where the dog has pain or according to it's western diagnosis. And usually I do not. For instance, if the dog has a hip problem and there is pain there- I may needle the opposite elbow instead. Sounds crazy - but in TCM, you can treat the opposite limb to move pain. It is confusing I know for owners to watch but after a few sessions when the dog is improving they understand a bit more.

There are over 365 acupuncture points on the body that we learn in school. (Most probably there are about 2,000 points on the body, ears and head.)
Each point has a function and are on meridians paired to each organ. Some move stuck energy that causes pain. Others tonify the energy. It is a balancing act. And with dogs it is best not to needle where there is pain. They will never allow you to needle them again.... and you may get bit! Treating dogs has made me think outside the box when coming up with an acupuncture point protocol. I also use a laser to stimulate points that I can't needle, along with acupressure, tui na and sometimes Reiki. (Great article here on acupuncture.)

The point functions and locations are the same on animals and people. Of course a human would need to be in the downward facing dog yoga position!

I also believe that it is not just acupuncture that is going to help a patient - animal or human. So giving the owner a list of supplements, herbal or homeopathic remedies to help the dog as well as a mini-lesson on how to do some acupressure at home helps the speed the recovery process. Diet is also an important factor. 

To learn more about this combination of holistic practices, I have created an online class for dog owners.

Licensed acupuncturists have at least 4 - 5 years of grad school and internship before taking boards to get licensed. Some states require a state board as well as national boards. Since I lived in California at the time I went to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, I took the CA boards and national boards. California has the hardest requirements for acupuncturists. The board had several parts when I took it. Written TCM theory. A practical which was identifying raw herbs and formulas with a written herbal exam. A practical point location exam. Written western and anatomy. And the clean needle technique exam. Lots of money. Several weekends. And I hope NEVER to do it again! 

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Four Paws Acupuncture makes Animal Acupuncture House-calls in Salem MA, Peabody MA and Beverly MA.

Jeanie Mossa MS, L.Ac. is also accepting new dog and cat patients at Our Family Veterinary Services in Peabody MA. Jeanie has been treating people and pets with holistic medicine for more than 25 years.

Our list of services:

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Giant Panda Gets Acupuncture!

 How wonderful would it be to treat a panda with acupuncture? 
This is on my bucket list!

Meanwhile, I am happy treating dogs and cats with acupuncture & traditional Chinese Medicine!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Treating Canine Arthritis with Traditional Chinese Medicine

This article was written several years ago. I would like to add a few more recommended supplements such as CBD oil and  Krill Oil treats. Also for a more detailed information on natural remedies for K9 pain and common ailments we have a 2.5 hour online class for dog owners.
Treating Canine Arthritis with Traditional Chinese Medicine
By: Jeanie Mossa Kraft, L.Ac.
Just like humans, many dogs suffer from arthritis pain and inflammation as they age. Joints and bones naturally degenerate over time. Fortunately, arthritis can often be managed with the help of acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplements and nutrition. 

Acupuncture & Arthritis

Study after study have shown that acupuncture and Chinese herbs are effective to relieve the pain and inflammation of arthritis in both humans and dogs. Canine acupuncture is also an effective treatment for hip and elbow dysplasia, ligament and tendon injuries, and many
other ailments. Acupuncture helps to increase circulation to the muscles and joint capsules, providing more oxygen and slowing cell degeneration. It also relieves painful muscle spasms and releases endorphins to make your dog feel better.

Most humans and dogs feel relaxed and pain free after an acupuncture session. Don't expect an instant one-treatment miracle, though. Acupuncture has a cumulative effect. Over time, the treatments build on one another, giving better results with each successive treatment.

Natural and alternative therapies are generally safe, effective and can be used in conjunction with western medicine.  If your dog suffers from arthritis, these are a few natural remedies that are helpful:

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) will help protect and lubricate joints. Research has shown that MSM has an strong anti-inflammatory effect. Glucosamine has been studied for over 20 years in humans, and has been proven effective to relieve arthritic joint pain. Please note that it may take four to six weeks before your dog feels the results from these supplements.

An Omega 3 essential fatty acid supplement from fish oil or Krill oil also works as an anti-inflammatory. These help to lubricate the joints and help with inflammation. Omega 3 oils will also improve the health and appearance of your dog's coat. Omega 3 oils have been proven to help reduce excess weight in people and dogs.

Nutritional supplements containing enzymes and antioxidants have been shown to reduce inflammation, promote healthy joints, increase circulation and support immune function. One product of this type in Wobenzym(r), a nutritional product for humans. I've received good
reports from people using this supplement with arthritic dogs.

Do the Math: Supplement Dosages for Dogs

When you purchase nutritional supplements for your dog, you may only be able to find human versions of the products. That's okay, but be careful about using recommended dosages. Dosage information for most supplements is based on the needs of an average person of about 125 pounds in weight. To calculate your dog's needs, consult with your pet health practitioner, or do the math yourself:

Divide your dog's weight by 125. For example: 40/125 = .32

Multiply the recommended dosage by this number: For example: 3
tablets, twice per day. 3 X .32 = .96.

So, rounding the final number a bit, the dosage of this supplement for
a 40 pound dog would be 1 tablet, twice per day.

Diet plays an essential role in decreasing the symptoms of arthritis. Studies have indicated that wheat can exacerbate pain and cause inflammation in both humans and animals. Cooking for your dog is the best option. However if you cannot make the time to cook, then make sure you are feeding your dog the best food you can find. Choose a safe brand that is organic, and
contains free-range meat. Unfortunately most grocery stores do not carry the best pet food brands. It is the smaller independently owned pet supply shops and on-line shops that carry the better quality brands.

Your dog's food should also be wheat, corn and soy free. These filler ingredients may exacerbate arthritis and often are involved in weight gain. Wheat, soy and corn products have also been linked to allergies and skin problems in animals. Make sure the treats you feed your dog are also free of wheat, corn and soy, especially if your dog is overweight, as this puts more pressure on already weakened joints. One of my favorite dog treats is Cinna-bones made by Solid Gold. These cookies are not only free of wheat, soy or corn but they also contain cinnamon which is very effective in relieving pain in arthritis made worse with cold damp weather.

These natural approaches to treating canine arthritis are generally safe and effective, but you should check with your pet health care provider before using a new supplement.

Jeanie is author of the book The Woof & Warp of Canine Pain and the NCCAOM approved continuing education course Treating Painful Canine Disorders with TCM.

For more info on veterinary acupuncture please visit Four Paws Acupuncture at the website. 

Monday, May 6, 2019


Juanita loving gazes into Mino's eyes while he gets acupuncture at Our Family Veterinary Services in Peabody MA. True love!

Like most older dogs, Mino has back and knee pain, arthritis and discomfort. Acupuncture and laser therapy combined helps relieve pain, increase circulation and mobility. 

Jeanie Mossa MS, L.Ac. is now accepting new dog and cat patients at Our Family Veterinary Services in Peabody MA and makes house-calls in Salem, Beverly and Peabody.

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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Healing Pet Amulets Now at New England Dog Biscuit!

Healing Pet Amulets Now at New England Dog Biscuit

in Salem MA!

Our line of Healing Pet Amulets created with semiprecious gemstones are now available at New England Dog Biscuit in the Essex Street Mall in Salem MA.

This pet shop carries top notch lines of dog and cat foods, cookies, CBD oil for pets and other holistic remedies. Great to have a local pet shop in Salem MA that we can walk to.

Healing Pet Amulets

Several years ago I started using gemstones in my human acupuncture practice after taking several classes on the therapeutic uses of gemstones and crystals. I found they helped calm patients with stress, anxiety and emotional trauma. 

In my animal acupuncture practice I treat so many rescues who have been abused, suffer from PTSD and anxiety. How could I incorporate a way to use healing stones in their treatments safely? (Placing stones on animals during their acupuncture session might be tempting for them to eat them!)

During a walk with our rescue dog, Quan Yin the idea to make something that could be hung on a collar, crate or cage popped in my head. Of course Quan Yin will claim it was her idea.Viola! The line of Healing Pet Amulets was born.

These are handmade in my art studio in Salem MA. I use genuine semiprecious gemstones and all charms are nickel free. Each pet amulet has specific gemstones with healing, calming and grounding properties. A detailed explanation of each gemstone used is on the back of the card.

Please note these are not a substitute for veterinary care.

Our line of Healing Pet Amulets are at:

New England Dog Biscuit
Salem MA

Sacred Circle Books 
Alexandria VA

Dark Star Philosophia
Rockport MA

Thank you for shopping local indy businesses!

See the entire line on our online shoppe:

The original Healing Pet Amulet of Salem MA!
Please do not accept a knock-off.
copyright 2016 jeanie mossa 
four paws acupuncture

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Four Paws Acupuncture makes house-calls in Salem MA, Peabody MA and Beverly MA. Jeanie Mossa MS, L.Ac. also treats dogs and cats at Our Family Veterinary Services in Peabody MA on Thursdays & Fridays by appointment only.

All first visits include:
  • Check up
  • History and intake
  • Diagnosis
  • Acupuncture, laser therapy, Reiki and acupressure
  • Nutritional and herbal recommendations (herbs not included)
  • A Four Paws Acupuncture Welcome Package, containing information and product samples to help you care for your dog naturally.
  • Brief acupressure lesson with information where and how to massage your dog.

To schedule an acupuncture session for your dog or cat please contact Four Paws Acupuncture directly at:

Summer Break!

 We will be taking a much needed break from social media & humanity for the next few months.  Meanwhile our books and online classes are...