Thursday, September 2, 2021

New Online Class for Animal Lovers!

The Magic of Animals: Their Symbolism & Messages

By veterinary acupuncturist, animal empath, author Jeanie Mossa MS. L.Ac.

This class is for ALL those who love animals and nature!

You do not have to be a shaman, psychic or clairvoyant to take this class.

This class you will learn the traits of each animal, bird and insect along with basic facts about their habitat, species and how they interact with nature.

We will cover symbolism, esoteric meanings of what each animal, bird or bug represents in various cultures, religions, and ancient legends.

Learn the difference between Animal Totem, Animal Spirit Guides and Familiars.

Over 70 Birds, Animals, Insects and Reptiles are discussed in this class.

Sale Price $33.33 with code BLUEMOON

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