Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Poisonous Plants Toxic to Pets: Indoors & Outdoors

 Poisonous Plants Toxic to Pets: Indoors & Outdoors

Learn about indoor and outdoor plants that can be lethal to pets. This video is from our online class:
Create An Enchanting Garden: How to Invite Pollinators: Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Angels and Nature Spirits into your garden

A fun class for all those who want to create their own unique garden indoors or outdoors. Creative ideas, natural solutions and tips for those who want to think outside the box. Whether you are a beginner gardener or advanced this class is geared towards inspiring your imagination to give birth to your own unique Garden of Eden!
Created by veterinary acupuncturist, herbalist & author Jeanie Mossa MS. L.Ac. owner of Four Paws Acupuncture in Salem MA.

Summer Break!

 We will be taking a much needed break from social media & humanity for the next few months.  Meanwhile our books and online classes are...