Thursday, April 21, 2022

Happy Birthday Mother Earth!


Happy Birthday to Mother Earth!

To celebrate Earth Day, many of my Udemy online classes dedicated to holistic medicine and nature will be on sale through April 26, 2022 6:19 AM PDT with the magic code EARTHDAY22.

FREE Class to boost your immune system available to the first 100 students who sign up. Details below!

These online classes may be gifted easily and instantly via email.

Please take the time to do something special for Mother Earth. Pick up your trash. Clean up after your dog with recycled eco-friendly bags. Hug a tree. Plant wildflowers that will attract pollinators. And hug a tree! 

Below are the list of classes with the sale links. Enjoy!

Thank you for participating in the classes, your lovely reviews and interesting questions.

jeanie mossa MS. L.Ac.

Holistic Dog - Treating K9 Pain, Stress & Ailments Naturally

Healing Flower Essences and Crystals for Animals: Emotional First Aid for Pets Online Class

The Magic of Animals: Their Symbolism & Messages

Create An Enchanting Garden: How to Invite Pollinators: Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Angels, and Nature Spirits into your garden

Relieving Pain and Symptoms of Arthritis Naturally: Simple Holistic Remedies & Alternative Medicine for Arthritis for People.

Treating Allergies and Asthma with Alternative Medicine: Breathe Easy with Natural Remedies & Therapies for People

FREE to first 100 students!

Traditional Chinese Medicine to Enhance Your Body’s Defenses  Learn how to BOOST your immune system with TCM!




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