Tuesday, March 23, 2021

COVId-19 Update

Please note: Four Paws Acupuncture is still closed due to the pandemic. 

It is not yet safe to make house-calls or treat patients at Our Family Veterinary Services at this time. Many of us have not been vaccinated!

Please stay safe, be responsible and be patient.

Thank you

jeanie mossa MS. L.Ac.

For those who have pets who are suffering from pain, stress and other ailments, I have produced several online classes for pet owners to help them through this pandemic. More info: https://laughingwu.blogspot.com/2021/03/march-madness-online-class-sale.html

Everything in these online classes for pets can also be found in our new book BARKOPAEDIA: The Canine Book of Knowledge

available at Laughing Wu Media http://www.laughingwu.com/barkopaedia.html

Amazon & other bookstores

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