Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Celebrating July


I hope everyone is having a peaceful summer if you are in the northern hemisphere and winter if you are in the southern hemisphere. Some of us are still quarantined and limiting social activities during this Covid-19 pandemic. May everyone be safe during these trying times.

To celebrate July and to thank everyone for the lovely reviews, all of my classes are on sale. Below are the links and codes. Feel free to share them with friends and loved ones who are still staying home and would like something to do.

I am currently filming another class to be released on UDEMY before the end of summer. It has been a blessing to have something to work on during this pandemic. Stay tuned for the announcement!

Wishing all a lovely July.
Thank you
jeanie mossa MS. L.Ac.


Holistic Dog - Treating K9 Pain, Stress & Ailments Naturally
with bonus class: Treating K9 Cancer with Alternative Therapies
$12.99 with code HAPPY4TH Expires 7/25/20

Healing Flower Essences and Crystals for Animals: Emotional First Aid for Pets
$12.99 with code HAPPY4TH Expires 7/25/20

Create a Healing Spirit Art Doll: Learn to create a Healing Spirit Doll using branches, sticks, recycled trinkets and eco-friendly paper clay.
$16.99 with code SOLSTICE expires 7/19/20

Treating Canine Cancer with Alternative Medicine

  Bonus section from our online class:   Holistic Dog- Treating K9 Pain, Stress & Ailments Naturally Learn how holistic therapies and al...