Saturday, March 21, 2020

Hiding from the flu? Learn something new. For dog lovers!

Hiding from the flu? Learn something new!

by licensed acupuncturist, herbalist & author
jeanie mossa MS. L.Ac.
Four Paws Acupuncture
Salem MA

2.5 Hours Online
Take at your own pace. Once you sign in the class is yours forever!
 No nuns with rulers. No pop quizzes or final exams.

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What you'll learn
  • You will learn how veterinary acupuncture, animal acupressure, animal reiki, laser and chiropractic medicine can help your dog. Bonus section- Treating K9 Cancer with Alternative Medicine.
  • Please note you will NOT learn how to do acupuncture on your dog. Licensed acupuncturists have at least 3-4 years of grad school plus internship before they are licensed.
  • You will learn about herbal, homeopathic remedies and supplements used for K9 pain, allergies and intestinal upsets.
  • You will learn basic K9 anatomy and common western drugs used in veterinary medicine for pain.
  • You will learn about K9 nutrition as well as how to make your home a happy healthy environment for your pets.
  • You will also learn how aromatherapy, crystals and music can help your pets.
  • You will learn how to manage K9 stress and anxiety naturally.
  • Bonus Section: Treating K9 Cancer with Alternative Medicine

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